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Watch Fr. Dawid's last homily as St. Joseph Church's Parochial Vicar. The "Quick Links" page has a powerful video from Pope Francis; "Heaven Is For Real" trailer is there, too!
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New parables: Building a kingdom of virtue

There once was a kingdom built on beatitude. The people were meek and merciful, pure of heart. Peacemakers, they hungered and thirsted for justice. The people worshiped God and kept sacred rituals. All the members contributed freely to the kingdom. And the people were satisfied.

Yet, over the eras, the kingdom changed. The people abandoned their sacred rituals. They no longer saw God. They had no faith. The people of the kingdom persecuted others. They cared only for their own comfort and nothing for the needs of the less fortunate. The people ran after riches. They drove larger and larger cars as their hearts grew smaller and smaller. They had no charity.

As their inner beauty faded, the people wore more and more elaborate attire: diamonds on their shoes, the furs of endangered species, precious metals ripped from the land. They altered their appearance with dyes and even dramatic surgeries. They ate and drank and were merry.

Or so they thought. Many took pills to deaden their pains and numb their brains. And still they complained. The people had no hope. And the kingdom began to crumble.

But soon more and more people grew tired of wickedness. They opened their hearts and realized the power of unity, the engine of compassion. They remembered their genesis, their teachings and traditions rooted in beatitude.

The people began to seek spirit instead of stuff. They found creative solutions to the problems of the kingdom. They returned to a time when they valued not so much independence but interdependence. They focused less on liberty and the pursuit of happiness and more on the kingdom’s virtues of faith, hope and charity.

And the kingdom grew strong again. And the people were fulfilled.

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