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We are excited to share our most recent Stewardship Renewal Video. Here, you will learn more about one of the four essential pillars necessary to adopting Stewardship as a Way of Life.
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New parable: The Paschal tree

Stewards honor cycles of creation

There was a tree in a garden. Under God’s sunshine and rainfall, the tree grew straight and tall. Drawing nutrients from the earth, the tree produced green leaves. All summer, the tree cast cool shade upon the land. Birds of the sky nested in the tree’s branches, and children swung from its sturdy limbs.

One child grew very fond of the tree. Each day during the summer, the boy visited the tree and climbed into a fork, where he rested as if nestled in his grandfather’s lap.

When autumn arrived, the tree’s green leaves began to turn gold. The boy feared the tree was ill. And he worried. As the weather grew cooler, the yellow leaves changed to orange, and then began to fall. And the boy grew anxious and troubled and sad.

And when the wind gusts blew the leaves off the tree, the boy scurried about, trying to gather them, afraid that the tree was dying.

The boy’s older sister, meanwhile, understood that the tree’s limbs were bare only temporarily. She raked the dried leaves into a pile and helped her parents add them to the gardens as mulch.

That winter, when nights grew bitterly cold, the boy thought of the leaves blanketing the plants beneath the snow. And the following spring, as he removed the mat of leaves from the flowerbeds, he looked down to see tender green shoots beneath the leaf mulch. And he looked up to see green buds.

This article comes to you from Grace In Action (Our Sunday Visitor) courtesy of your parish or diocese.

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New parable: The Paschal tree

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