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Being stewards is a privilege

"I just can’t wait!"

How many times have you already heard a child exclaim that he or she just can’t wait for Christmas? Perhaps you’re thinking about this, too. Some of us truly love Christmas, and the anticipation of the season is part of the fun — shopping, preparing, trees, cards, parties and all. Others of us are not as fond of this time of the year. It seems to be blown out of proportion, and for some the hoopla takes away from what Christmas really means. Advent is a season of waiting, not only for the celebration of Christmas, but also for Christ’s return in glory. We linger in anticipation, preparing our minds and hearts for such great mysteries. By doing so, we appreciate more fully that for which we wait. We are called to be stewards of all of this, because in the seasons of Advent and Christmas, we focus on the message of God’s love for humanity.

Jesus shows us the love of God, which seeks us out. Christ witnesses this love in the meager dwelling of our humanity, and in the dwelling of a manger. Through Christ, we are raised toward God. Being stewards of so great a message is a great privilege, and certainly worth preparing and waiting for!

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